Shell Fish

Shell Fish


Crab Whole (Soft Shell) RDW Per Kg
Crab Whole (Orange) RDW Per Kg
Crab Whole (Green) RDW Per Kg

Crab Claws Per Kg
(Subject to availability)

Crab Sections LM Per Kg

Mussels & Molluscs

Mussel Meat 800g Unit
Breaded Garlic Mussel 1Kg

Mussel Whole 1Kg

Mussels Full Shell (Live) 5Kg
(Subject to availability)


Oysters Topless 50 Per Bag
(Subject to availability)

Oysters Whole 50 Per Bag
Cocktail Large
Medium X-Large

Wild Oysters 50 Per Bag
(Subject to availability)

Seafood Products

Prawns Torpedo 1Kg Unit

Prawns Crumbed Butterfl y 1Kg Unit

Prawn Tails 16- 20 800g Unit
Prawn Tails 21- 25 800g Unit

Lobster & Prawns

Lobster Whole (West Coast) Graded Raw/Cooked 10Kg Per Case

Lobster Whole (LM) Graded
Raw RDW Per Kg

Natal Baby Lobster Graded
Raw RDW Per Kg

Online Ordering

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Social Responsibility

We are proud to have been able to contribute to the successful translocation of 6 rhino to Botswana

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