Poultry & Meat

Poultry & Meat

Processed Meat Products

Lamb Shanks RDW 7Kg
(Subject to Availability)

Smoked Shanks RDW
Shanks Pickled RDW

Mini Gammon Boneless ±6 per case RDW
Boston Butt 8 per case RDW
Gammon Leg Boneless 6Kg RDW

Pork Products

Bacon Back 6 x 1Kg Case

Bacon Prime Cut 6 x 1Kg Case

Bacon Shoulder 6 x 1Kg Case

Game Products

Veal Fillets RDW 7Kg
Veal Schnitzel RDW 9Kg

Carpaccio Ostrich 30 x 100g Case
Carpaccio Springbok 30 x 100g Case

Venison Goulash RDW 10Kg
Crocodile Goulash RDW 8Kg

Poultry Products

Chicken Whole
X-Large 1.6 – 2.1Kg RDW 12Kg
Medium 1.3  – 1.6Kg RDW 12Kg
Small 1.1 – 1.3Kg RDW 12Kg

Chicken Spring 750 – 900g RDW 10Kg
Chicken Baby 500 – 750g RDW 10Kg

Chicken Breast Fillets (Local) 10 x 1Kg
Chicken Breast Fillets (Imported) ±12Kg

Crumbed Poultry Products

Chicken Burger ± 50 x 100g
5Kg Case

Chicken Breast Nuggets ± 218 x 22g
5Kg Case

Cheezy Bites ± 140 x 35g 5

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Social Responsibility

We are proud to have been able to contribute to the successful translocation of 6 rhino to Botswana

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