Wooden Boat 2Wooden Boat 50 Units Case

Wooden Cup 2 Wooden Cup 50 Units Case

Wooden Cone 2Wooden Cone 50 Units Case

Bamboo Skewer Ribbon 2Bamboo Skewer Ribbon
10.5cm 200 Case
12cm 100 Case
15cm 100 Case

Bamboo Skewer Golf 2Bamboo Skewer Golf
9cm 250 Case
15cm 250 Case

Bamboo Toothpicks 2 Bamboo Toothpicks

Heavy Duty Foil 2Heavy Duty Foil 70m

Econowrap 2Econowrap 380 x 1400m

Grease Proof 2Grease Proof 2Kg

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Social Responsibility

We are proud to have been able to contribute to the successful translocation of 6 rhino to Botswana

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