Bakery Range

Cookies (Various) 100 x 35g Case

muffins 2
Muffins Individually Packed (Assorted)
48 x 65g Case

muffin sets 2
Muffin Tube Sets (Assorted)
6 x 1.3Kg Case

Pizza Squares
Pizza Squares 16 x 330g Unit

Cinnamon Scrolls
Cinnamon Scrolls 50 Case

Croissants Large
Croissants Large 50 x 60g Case
Croissants Mini 160 x 30g Case


Spring Roll Dough Pastry
Spring Roll Dough Pastry
5.2Kg Case

Phyllo Pastry
Phyllo Pastry 500g

Puff Pastry Sheets
Puff Pastry Sheets 20 x 350g Case
Puff Pastry Roll 6 x 2Kg

Danish Apple
Danish Apple 50 x 85g Case
Danish Custard 50 x 85g Case

Donut Mini
Donut Mini 200 x 25g Case
Donut Home Style 84 x 60g Case

Donut Holes 2
Duffins 384 x 11g Case

Savoury Puf
Savoury Puff
Chicken Peri-Peri 120 x 40g Case
Pepper Steak 120 x 40g Case

Mini Stir Fry Vegetable Puf 2
Mini Stir Fry Vegetable Puff
120 x 40g Case

Mini Selection 2
Mini Selection 120 Units
Mini Maple & Pecan Streusel
Mini Apple Streusel
Mini Rasberry Streusel
Mini Apricot Puff
Mini Custard Puff

Mrs Richs IW Cookie 2
Mrs Rich's IW Cookie
Macadamia Nut 60 x 38g Case
Chocolate Chip 60 x 38g Case
Chocolate Fudge 60 x 38g Case

Croissant Butter Pre Proved
Croissant Butter Pre-Proved 90g 50 x 90g Croissant Butter Pre-Proved 80g 78 x 80g Croissant Butter Pre-Proved 55g 120 x 55g Croissant Butter Pre-Proved 25g 100 x 25g

Filled muffin
Filled muffin (Various) 24x145g
(Make to order)

Ciabata 25 x 200g

Panini 30 x 150g

Hamburger Rolls
Hamburger Rolls 25 x 150g

Brown Coctail Rolls
Brown Coctail Rolls 120 x 40g
White Cocktail Rolls 120 x 40g

Baguette 25 x 270g

Croissant FTO
Croissant FTO 100 x 30g
Croissant FTO 50 x 50g
Croissant FTO 40 x 80g

Tramezzini 8 x 5 Case

Pita Pockets
Pita Pockets 6 x 6 Case

Tortilla Wraps
Tortilla Wraps 50 x 90g Case

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