Savoury and sweet

Crumbed Haloumi 2
Crumbed Haloumi 50 x 25g Case

Chicken Drummettes
Chicken Drummettes 1.2Kg Case

Cheese Puff Pastry
Cheese Puff 40 x 40g Case

Greek Meat Balls
Greek Meat Balls 60 x 30g Case
Ranch Meat Balls 100 x 20g Case

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Cordon Bleu 50 x 20g Case

Cheese Balls
Cheese Balls 60 x 22g Case

Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls
Beef 50 x 22g Case
Camembert & Fig 50 x 22g Case
Chicken 50 x 22g Case
Prawn Tail 50 x 22g Case
Vegetable 50 x 22g Case

Beef 60 x 22g Case
Cheese & Corn 60 x 22g Case
Chicken 60 x 22g Case
Lamb & Raisin 60 x 22g Case
Vegetable 60 x 22g Case
Beef Large 50 x 90g Case
Vegetable Large 50 x 90g Case
Chicken Large 50 x 90g Case

Beef Dogs
Beef Dogs 36 x 45g Case
Cheezy Beef Dogs 36 x 45g Case

Kebabs 2
Kebabs – Chicken 50 x 40g
Kebabs – Rump 50 x 40g

Mini Quiche Asparagus 2
Mini Quiche Asparagus 60 x 29g Case
Mini Quiche Savoury 60 x 28g Case
Mini Quiche Spinach 60 x 25g Case
Mini Quiche Sundried Tomato 60 x 25g Case

Rissoles Chicken 2
Rissoles Chicken 40 x 45g Case
Rissoles Shrimp 40 x 45g Case
Rissoles Tuna 40 x 45g Case
Rissoles Jalapeño & Cheese 40 x 45g Case

Pizza Base
Pizza Base 30 x 22cm Case
Pizza Base 30 x 28cm Case
Mini Pizza 40 x 26g Case

Phyllo Cheese
Phyllo Cheese 40 x 40g Case
Phyllo Spanakopita 40 x 40g Case
Phyllo Spinach 40 x 40g Case

Mini Pies Chicken 2
Mini Pies Chicken 48 x 45g Case
Mini Pies Mince 60 x 45g Case
Mini Pies Steak & Kidney 40 x 40g Case

Pies Unbaked 4

Pies Unbaked 5
Pies Unbaked (Ma Baker)
Chicken & Mushroom 24 x 170g Case
Cornish 24 x 170g Case
Feta & Spinach 24 x 170g Case
Mutton Curry 24 x 170g Case
Pepper Steak 24 x 170g Case
Premier Ma Baker (Assorted) 36 x 190g Case
Sausage Rolls Beef 24 x 190g Case
Steak & Kidney 24 x 170g Case
Vegetable Curry 24 x 170g Case
Sausage Rolls Mini 150 x 30g Case

Pies Unbaked 6

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